Lead by Nature


Growing the European leaders together.
Inspired by nature.

Our why

We want to build a future of young leaders that are authentic, accountable, reliable and prepared to bring sustainable change in their communities.

Coming together as a network was the result of 18 months of cooperation in various projects, as organizations that are seeking to always bring to the table innovative and alternative perspectives on non-formal education, raise awareness of EU-funded opportunities, as well as creation of spaces supporting youth development.

We understood that together we are stronger, and through cooperation, shared and exchanged experience, as well as through examples of good practices within the network, we can reach our full potential and reach our common goal.


Facilitating cooperation between EU and international organizations involved in youth work, and among youth, as well as strengthening the operational and management capacities of our network members.


Ensuring that all youth, regardless of background, have access to quality learning, employment, and inclusion opportunities.


Developing new learning methodologies and approaches (online/offline) for engaging youth in policy-making and creating sustainable solutions.



Raising awareness of European opportunities, and providing access to them.


Empowering youth to create a more sustainable future by promoting environmental education,advocating for sustainable policies, and creating partnerships to implement responsible practices.


Empowering youth through guiding them into taking the initiative towards creating sustainable solutions and transforming their communities.

Network Partners

Focuses in 2024

Involving youth in creating sustainable communities

Encouraging youth to innovate, get involved and shape policies for sustainable communities and nature protection.

Unlocking European opportunities

Raise awareness of Erasmus+, ESC and Non-Formal Education opportunities; create online and in-person activities for youth, empower rural and disadvantaged areas, and support youth self-accountability.

Empowering youth through non-formal education

Innovate approaches for young people to actively engage in transforming their communities, leading to inclusivity, better learning, and employment.

Fostering Unity & Supporting Youth in the EU and Beyond

Organise network members and partners to cultivate unity and strengthen EU cooperation, serving youth. Research best funding to benefit the Network and the youth within it.


We launched a Discord Community for youth who want to continually grow both personally and professionally.

We’ve got debates, weekly events and challenges, as well as trainings on themes like Skills of the Future, Inclusion & Diversity, and Active Citizenship.