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Become a volunteer of the European Lead by Nature Network, and prepare for a whole new experience, full of challenges, continuous learning, and growth alongside our international community! 

So… what’s up?

We’ve got an international Discord Community for young leaders passionate about bringing sustainable change in their lives and in the lives of their communities.


The server’s purpose is to create a safe space where young people from Europe and beyond can connect, empower one another, share good practice, and create together impactful projects, that could bring a better living within their local communities.

We are looking for colleagues that are self-driven and passionate about learning and growing both personally and professionally.

Young people who take initiave and are leaders for their communities. Who get involved and are actively engaged in bringing sustainable change to their environment.

If you’ve got that inner spark that shines, a growth mindsed and like to find creative solutions where other people only see problems, you might be the one we’re looking for!

Check out what’s like to be a Lead by Nature Volunteer! 

Mede’s on the mic!

When I discovered the opportunity to volunteer for ELNN I immediately said I had to take it because I knew it would help me grow and develop greatly. It was a little difficult at first to get used to all the platforms we work on, but I knew I had people to learn from. I’m grateful for the team I have. They are very friendly and communicative and with them it is much easier to achieve the goals of this project.

I really enjoyed it and it motivated me to work on some skills that I know I will need in the future. A good example would be communication. I host a podcast made up of two series (one with young people from the community and one with personalities) and having to host it every two weeks challenges me to develop this skill. From finding guests to the episode itself, it all involves communication. I can even say that I enjoy organizing events on Discord. I’m currently preparing a book club and a poetry night and hope it will be successful.

I can also say that I have found my place in the European Lead by Nature Network team because we work on the basis of very fair principles that promote equality and respect for colleagues. Everyone’s opinions were always listened to without exception and no one could be superior to anyone else. ELNN is a very good environment for all young people looking to help the community, but also to help themselves.

I can conclude by saying that I am so happy to be a volunteer in this project, knowing how important youth development and non-formal education is. ELNN is a project of my heart that I don’t want to give up and I want to continue to be more and more involved and dedicated.

Medeea, Innovation Education Lab, Romania

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