Innovation Education Lab

Brasov, Romania

Innovation Education Lab (NGO, iEL) has been founded in August 2019 with the purpose of mainly supporting innovation in education (non formal education) and the work with young people and learners. Our vision is to see people fulfilled and empowered to transform their communities. Our mission is to create experiential learning activities for personal and professional fulfilment.

We believe in a holisting approach, taking care of both the personal and professional growth of young people in an environment that values inclusion and diversity. We want to have a sustainable impact in our communities, which is why we constantly invest our efforts in research for finding the best approaches and methods in non-formal education.

Friends of Children in Romania

Harja, Romania

Friends of Children in Romania (Known as “Copiii in Sanul Familiei”) is a Romanian NGO aiming to support institutionalised children and bring them together in a family environment to grow up with love and care, close to nature, receiving support from the organisation even after the age of 18. In the past 10 years many privately and publicly funded projects started to take root in order to encourage the children to engage with the wider village community, whether this means helping in the church, with gardening activities, sports activities, and eco-friendly based activities, as well as participating in various events in the neighbouring urban areas.

We are a team of experienced educators, youth workers, facilitators and creative professionals with the common mission to create the context and support empowerment, inclusion and social entrepreneurship of disadvantaged youth in rural and urban areas. We are aiming at inspiring youth and youth workers at a personal and professional development level and other direct beneficiaries in order to grow the local community and inspire by sharing our success strategies and practices.

Roes Cooperativa

Athens, Greece

Roes Cooperativa is a social cooperative enterprise of the ‘20s created by professional trainers, social workers, project managers and informal groups aiming to create an alliance that hosts innovative, experiential and non-formal education approaches.

Their Vision is a world with open and inclusive learning environments where everyone can grow, evolve and change. Their Goal is to redefine experiential learning through customized methods and approaches.


Sterna Municipality, Greece

Hopeland is a non-profit organisation that started in 2009 with the intention and vision of becoming a place where people can be educated simultaneously, on various subjects, with the aim of unanimity, good relationships, equality, mutual respect and love for the environment.

Hopeland is evolving into an educational eco-community and provides several experiential learning experiences within an international and youth-oriented environment.

Synergy Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria

Synergy Bulgaria is a Sofia-based NGO with mission to support young people in reaching their highest potential and becoming active members of society.

We’re active both on local and international level.

Internationally our projects aim to address such topics as entrepreneurship, personal growth & quality youth work. We organise cross-European trainings and youth exchanges, as well as run an online community for NGO leaders and project managers.

In Sofia, we aim to connect to a local community in numerous ways: from picnics & workshops to educational programs and storytelling events. Our activities are carried out in English and explore the topics of leadership, entrepreneurial mindset, mental well-being and personal growth.

Dare to Scale Academy

Beloslav, Bulgaria

Dare to Scale Academy is a youth organization focused on improving and developing young people. The organization has the main purpose to develop a mix of skills and qualities that are useful and help people to find their place in the European Communities.

Various events, training, projects and studies related to soft skills, business, social skills, ecology, multicultural environment and many others are some of the main topics used by the organization.

Local Approach

Aix en Provence, France

Local Approach is a platform for advice on cultural heritage protection. We offer help to local communities in protecting and promoting their treasures.

We believe that sustainable cultural projects stem from and are for the community around a heritage thus demanding their participation.

Kalben Association

Istanbul, Turkey

One Child Grows, The Whole World Changes. We continue to work in the field for our affected children after the disaster that we are in as a country and that left great wounds in our hearts.

KALBEN Association aims to discover and develop the talents of children aged 7-16 living under the protection of the state; It is a non-governmental organization that carries out field studies for this purpose and aims to raise children and young people as responsible individuals for the world they live in. Our association, which was established in 2016, provides sustainable education to 485 children in total.

We also have a branch in Kocaeli. In addition, we carry out various field studies on Foster Family and Adoption Service models throughout the society, based on our motto “Every child should grow up with a family.

Active Zone Outdoor

Larnaca, Cyprus

Active Zone Outdoor is a Cyprus based NGO established under the overall mission to facilitate the achievement of a better mental health and wellbeing of young people through active engagement in outdoor and sports activities and participation in the society.

Puhu Research and Consultancy

Istanbul, Turkey

PUHU is a research, training, and consultancy company that aims to utilize the relationship between theory and practices, focusing on two main fields: social sciences and technology. Either as the mediator between them or the facilitator of each, PUHU proposes solutions for individuals, communities, companies, and institutions.

With the expertise of its staff and consultants in anthropology, psychology, philosophy, coaching, management, and technology PUHU offers a wide range of contributions for solutions for particular issues.


Turin, Italy

FRAMEWORK is a non-profit cultural association that promotes continuous improvement and empowerment of individuals and the community, through lifelong learning education and participation in European initiatives.

The association deals with researching and sharing new techniques and educational materials to foster the development of transversal skills necessary to compete on the labour market and to be a responsible, active and involved citizen.


Tbilisi, Georgia

InoChange is a non-governmental organization aiming at Empowering and equipping young people with competencies (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) to realize their full potential.

InoChange envisions a world where all young people are equipped to achieve sustainable livelihoods and to bring a positive impact in their communities.

Efektas Group

Kaunas, Lithuania

Efektas Group, is an education and training organization that focus on personal-professional development and innovative initiatives since 2016. With extensive expertise in developing soft skills, the organization encourages innovation in various fields. Our strength lies in their diverse team expertise and focus on solving contemporary problems.

Efektas Group’s mission is to strengthen local and regional communities through coaching, non-formal learning, applied neuroscience, and innovative instruments.

Meet and Map

Mataró, Barcelona and Malaga, Spain

Meet and Map is a non profit organization that promotes transparency, concious action, equity and innovation through building social dialogue, partnerships and support for green, social and art entrepreneurs. Our aim is to be an international reference of knowledge exchange, individual and collective empowerment through cooperation and activities that enhance new social models.

Our services are tools, meetings, trainings and events to inspire sustainable growth.


Brno, Czech Republic

INspire is an NGO whose formation started in 2018 and whose definite completion came about in 2019. It was formed around people sharing different sets of skills but the same vision: to create a world which works for everyone.

We believe that we must go by example to the others, to inspire them to become a change they would like to see in the world. In order to do it, we are using the methods of non-formal education. Unlike formal education which already knows the right answers, non-formal education doesn’t know them; it only creates a context in which everybody can learn what they need to learn.

INspire creates the context for learning with the focus on the diversity of perspectives – we inspire people to look at things from different points of view.

Aventura Marão Clube (AMC)

Set up in 1993 by a group of young people in Amarante with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles among the local population. Currently there are more than 400 members in AMC, with 3 sections running: mountain biking, canoeing and Fair Trade.

The latter has been running the 1st Portuguese Fair Trade store since 1999 and has also managed the CJ Amarante (Youth Centre and Hostel) since 2008, a pioneering project whereby private management works with public building to offer youth projects. 4500 people, including 1500 locals, have taken part in over 150 international projects, volunteering or participating in activities that promote the European values.

New Wellness Education

Our vision is to provide Education and Wellbeing at 360°, with the aim to raise mental and physical wellbeing and in general quality of life for youth either local or foreigners. We base our work on 3 strategic priorities: Work Well, Learn Well, and Digital Wellbeing, covering different topics such as youth employability, sustainable practices, permaculture, cyber safety and digital education, entrepreneurial skills, raising activeness and responsible involvement in the cultural, social and educational life of the communities, all of these as part of a process of increasing personal and social wellbeing.

To achieve this our team offers various opportunities such as Online Learning, Trainings and Youth Exchanges, Volunteering – individual, teams and high priority areas, Disconnection Camps, Individual Coaching, Conferences & Podcasts, Events, and many more.

Changemakers Lab

Changemakers Lab (CML) is a creative hub and social innovation lab, founded on the Greek island of Lesvos. We run and support various initiatives, projects, events and activities across Europe, which include: 1. Acceleration Program for Social Impact Tech Start-ups 2. Skills Development for Young People and Refugees 3. Social Innovation Lab and Building a Community of Practice 4. Changemakers Summit 5. Advocacy for Social Change. 

Through our activities, Changemakers Lab addresses human rights, integration, social cohesion, and empowerment fostering dialogue and collaboration, and advocating for policy changes, all aimed at creating inclusive and sustainable solutions that benefit marginalized populations and promote a more equitable and empowered society.


We launched a Discord Community for youth who want to continually grow both personally and professionally.

We’ve got debates, weekly events and challenges, as well as trainings on themes like Skills of the Future, Inclusion & Diversity, and Active Citizenship.