Youth Report

The ELNN Research Stage 1 Report showcases the European Lead by Nature Network’s (ELNN) initial phase in exploring youth perceptions and engagement across Europe. Focused on fostering innovation, empowerment, and cooperation among youth, the report outlines the collaborative effort among organizations to understand young individuals’ views on societal and cultural issues.

By utilizing applied anthropology and diverse methodologies, ELNN aims to tailor youth work and organizational strategies to the unique needs of young Europeans. The report details the process, methodology, and early findings, highlighting the importance of engaging youth in meaningful conversations about their future and societal engagement.

Youth Report Policy Recommendations

Based on the Youth Report, we created a series of policy recommendations aimed at enhancing the prospects and societal engagement of Europe’s youth. 

The document outlines actionable policy recommendations to empower youth, foster their active participation in decision-making processes, and ensure their voices are heard in shaping a sustainable future.

These recommendations are designed to guide policymakers, educators, and community leaders in creating more inclusive, supportive, and resilient societies for the younger generation.